yard art


All projects evolve from our first meeting. In a consultation we explore the goals you have for your space and the way you like to express your regard for nature. What parameters does your family want? How should the design accommodate your children and your pets? Your entertaining style?


Kirsten works with you to create a wish list that evolves into a foundation for your design. The design is the blueprint of your creative collaboration and shared vision.


Would you like to complete the project all at once or will it be better for you to phase in the work by stages? Are there special requirements or HOA covenants that must be considered? This is the stage where we incorporate those requirements.

Once your plan is created the process begins by clearing out the space and carefully preparing the land. This might require amending the soil, solving grading and drainage issues or laying down foundations for structures and water features. Once the land is properly prepared we install carefully chosen plants, trees and ground cover, always working to create structural permanence.


As your landscape grows and matures some things will need to be trimmed and pruned, adjustments for the seasons considered. We offer seasonal maintenance and refreshment services to fine tune our creation and keep your investment looking good in every season.

Our pricing is transparent and sensible. We charge hourly fees for our services and provide all of our premium nursery plants and trees at reasonable costs.


We bid each project in stages. The first stage is for consultation and design. The second stage is for landscape preparation, installation and implementation of the design. A deposit of 50% is due at the start of each stage. The remainder of the costs for each stage is due upon completion. Orders for plants and trees, as well as materials such as rock or artwork require payment at the time of order.


We are a local, artisan business and we appreciate your support.